class DClass : protected libsemigroups::detail::BruidhinnTraits<TElementType>

Defined in konieczny.hpp.

The nested abstract class Konieczny::DClass represents a \(\mathscr{D}\)-class via a frame as computed in Konieczny’s algorithm. See here for more details.

As an abstract class, DClass cannot be directly constructed; instead you should obtain a \(\mathscr{D}\)-class by calling Konieczny::D_class_of_element.

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Subclassed by libsemigroups::Konieczny< TElementType, TTraits >::NonRegularDClass, libsemigroups::Konieczny< TElementType, TTraits >::RegularDClass

Member functions


Test membership of an element.

is_regular_D_class() const noexcept

Test regularity of a \(\mathscr{D}\) -class.

number_of_L_classes() const

Returns the number of \(\mathscr{L}\) -classes.

number_of_R_classes() const

Returns the number of \(\mathscr{R}\) -classes.

number_of_idempotents() const

Returns the number of idempotents.

rep() const

Returns a representative of the \(\mathscr{D}\) -class.

size() const

Returns the size of a \(\mathscr{D}\) -class.

size_H_class() const

Returns the size of the \(\mathscr{H}\) -classes.