Member types

This page contains information about the member types of the Sims1 class template.

using libsemigroups::Sims1::digraph_type = ActionDigraph<node_type>

The type of the associated ActionDigraph objects.

class iterator : public libsemigroups::Sims1<T>::iterator_base

The return type of cbegin and cend.

This is a forward iterator values of this type are expensive to copy due to their internal state, and prefix increment should be preferred to postfix.

using libsemigroups::Sims1::letter_type = typename word_type::value_type

Type for letters in the underlying presentation.

using libsemigroups::Sims1::node_type = T

Type for the nodes in the associated ActionDigraph objects.

using libsemigroups::Sims1::size_type = typename ActionDigraph<node_type>::size_type

The size_type of the associated ActionDigraph objects.