This page contains information about the constructors of the Stephen class.


Default constructor.

Default constructs an empty instance, use init and set_word to specify the presentation and the word, respectively.

template<typename P, typename = std::enable_if_t<std::is_base_of<PresentationBase, std::decay_t<P>>::value>>
explicit libsemigroups::Stephen::Stephen(P &&p)

Construct from a presentation.

Construct an instance for the presentation p.

Template Parameters

P – a type derived from PresentationBase


p – the presentation.

libsemigroups::Stephen::Stephen(Stephen&&) = default

Default move constructor.

libsemigroups::Stephen::Stephen(Stephen const&) = default

Default copy constructor.

Stephen &libsemigroups::Stephen::operator=(Stephen&&) = default

Default move assignment operator.

Stephen &libsemigroups::Stephen::operator=(Stephen const&) = default

Default copy assignment operator.