J. D. Mitchell


  • R. Cirpons contributed to IsObviouslyInfinite and to integrating eigen.

  • F. Hivert contributed many helpful ideas to libsemigroups, an allocator implementation (to be included in a future version), and HPCombi.

  • J. James contributed some bugfixes.

  • J. Jonušas contributed to the implementation of the Froidure-Pin algorithm.

  • D. V. Pasechnik contributed to the build system.

  • F. Smith contributed the implementation of the Konieczny and Lallement-McFadden algorithm, to the Todd-Coxeter implementation, and to BMat8s.

  • N. Thiery contributed to the build system, packaging libsemigroups via conda, the python bindings and many helpful conversations and suggestions.

  • M. Torpey contributed to the congruences code in the v0.0.1 to v0.6.7.

  • M. Tsalakou contributed to the Knuth-Bendix implementation, and related algorithms for the class ActionDigraph.


We acknowledge financial support from the OpenDreamKit Horizon 2020 European Research Infrastructures project (#676541) (primarily for the python bindings).

We thank the Carnegie Trust for the Universities of Scotland for funding the PhD scholarship of J. Jonušas when he worked on this project.

We thank the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) for funding the PhD scholarships of M. Torpey and F. Smith when they worked on this project (EP/M506631/1, EP/N509759/1).