This page contains information about the constructors for the Konieczny class.

inline libsemigroups::Konieczny::Konieczny()

Default constructor.

This is the standard constructor for a Konieczny instance with unspecified generators.




(None) – This function guarantees not to throw a LibsemigroupsException.

inline explicit libsemigroups::Konieczny::Konieczny(std::vector<element_type> const &gens)

Construct from generators.

This function constructs a Konieczny instance generated by the specified container of generators. There can be duplicate generators and although they do not count as distinct elements, they do count as distinct generators. In other words, the generators are precisely (a copy of) gens in the same order they occur in gens.


gens – the generators represented by this.


LibsemigroupsException – if any of the following hold:

  • gens is empty

  • Degree{}(x) != Degree{}(y) for some x, y in gens.