Helper functions for SchreierSims


Defined in schreier-sims-helper.hpp.

This page contains the documentation for helper functions for the class libsemigroups::SchreierSims.

Full API

template<size_t N>
void libsemigroups::schreier_sims_helper::intersection(SchreierSims<N> &T, SchreierSims<N> &S1, SchreierSims<N> &S2)

Find the intersection of two permutation groups.

Modifies the first parameter T to be the Schreier-Sims object corresponding to the intersection of S1 and S2.

Template Parameters

N – the largest point not fixed by the permutations in the permutation groups.

  • T – an empty Schreier-Sims object that will hold the result.

  • S1 – the first semigroup of the intersection.

  • S2 – the second group of the intersection.


LibsemigroupsException – if T is not empty.