struct libsemigroups::LibsemigroupsException : public std::runtime_error

Exception class deriving from std::runtime_error.

Defined in exception.hpp.

This page contains the documentation for the class LibsemigroupsException. All exceptions thrown by libsemigroups are LibsemigroupsException instances.

Public Functions

LibsemigroupsException(std::string const &fname, int linenum, std::string const &funcname, std::string const &msg)

Create an exception with filename, line number, function name, and message.

  • fname – the name of the file throwing the exception.

  • linenum – the line number where the exception is thrown

  • funcname – the name of the function where the exception is thrown.

  • msg – the message of the exception being thrown.

LibsemigroupsException(LibsemigroupsException const&) = default

Default copy constructor.

LibsemigroupsException(LibsemigroupsException&&) = default

Default move constructor.

LibsemigroupsException &operator=(LibsemigroupsException const&) = default

Default copy assignment operator.

LibsemigroupsException &operator=(LibsemigroupsException&&) = default

Default move assignment operator.