Member types

This page contains information about the member types of the Congruence class.

using libsemigroups::Congruence::class_index_type = size_t

Type for indices of congruence class indices.

using libsemigroups::Congruence::const_iterator = std::vector<relation_type>::const_iterator

Type for a const_iterator to the generating pairs.

using libsemigroups::Congruence::non_trivial_class_iterator = non_trivial_classes_type::const_iterator

Type for a const_iterator to non-trivial classes.

See also

cbegin_ntc and cend_ntc.

using libsemigroups::Congruence::non_trivial_classes_type = std::vector<std::vector<word_type>>

Type for non-trivial classes.

See also

cbegin_ntc and cend_ntc.

struct options

Holds values of various options.

This struct holds various enums which can be used to set various options.

See also


enum class libsemigroups::Congruence::options::runners

Holds options for specifying the algorithms to be used.

This enum allows setting the policy used when adding runners to an instance of this type during construction.


enumerator standard

Adds a predetermined selection of runners.

enumerator none

Adds no runners.