Member types

This page contains the documentation for member types of the SchreierSims class.

using libsemigroups::SchreierSims::domain_type = typename TTraits::domain_type

Type of the object containing all points acted on.

using libsemigroups::SchreierSims::element_type = typename detail::BruidhinnTraits<TElementType>::value_type

Type of the elements.

The type of the elements of a SchreierSims instance with const removed, and if TElementType is a pointer to const, then the second const is also removed.

using libsemigroups::SchreierSims::index_type = typename TTraits::index_type

Type of indices.

using libsemigroups::SchreierSims::point_type = TPointType

Type of the points acted on.

Also the template parameter TPointType.