This page contains information about the constructors for the Ukkonen::Node struct.

libsemigroups::Ukkonen::Node::Node(Node&&) = default

Default constructor.

libsemigroups::Ukkonen::Node::Node(Node const&) = default

Default constructor.

explicit libsemigroups::Ukkonen::Node::Node(index_type l = 0, index_type r = 0, node_index_type parent = UNDEFINED)

Construct a node from left most index, right most index, and parent.

  • l – the left most index and value of the data member l (defaults to 0)

  • r – one after the right most index and value of the data member r (defaults to 0)

  • parent – of the node being constructed (defaults to UNDEFINED).


(None) – This function guarantees not to throw a LibsemigroupsException.

Node &libsemigroups::Ukkonen::Node::operator=(Node&&) = default

Default constructor.

Node &libsemigroups::Ukkonen::Node::operator=(Node const&) = default

Default constructor.