This page contains information about the constructors of the Sims1 class template.

libsemigroups::Sims1::Sims1() = delete

Default constructor - deleted!

libsemigroups::Sims1::Sims1(Sims1 const&) = default

Default copy constructor.

libsemigroups::Sims1::Sims1(Sims1&&) = default

Default move constructor.

explicit libsemigroups::Sims1::Sims1(congruence_kind ck)

Construct from congruence_kind.

See also

cbegin and cend.


ck – the handedness of the congruences (left or right)


LibsemigroupsException – if ck is congruence_kind::twosided

Sims1 &libsemigroups::Sims1::operator=(Sims1 const&) = default

Default copy assignment operator.

Sims1 &libsemigroups::Sims1::operator=(Sims1&&) = default

Default move assignment operator.